About us?

Advocacy (through) Creative Techniques: FIJI


The group was formed at the end of June in 2014. the founder, Alzima Elisha Bano is passionate about using creative arts to advocate on social issues. She is a youth advocate and the FIRST Fiji recipient of the Queens Young Leaders Award.  

AIMS: To use creative means to advocate on social issues. it also aims to engage with youths in our community to become more active citizens and work towards to addressing social issues in our communities. 

MISSION: that we have accepted, is to build networks with fellow youths and stakeholders in our community to develop the youths into advocates and active citizens.  

VISION:  Our vision is to see a Fiji where youths are active citizens contributing towards to the betterment of the community. Youths who are aware of the social issues surrounding them and they contribute towards making their community a better place. 

Currently we have 13 members in our group. Of the 13 members 4 are support members as they have full time jobs or reside outside of Suva. They are not mandated to attend meetings but contribute in whatever capacity they can.


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